Koal - Updated 07/03/2022

CH Stars of Fenrir Jotunheim (import Hungary)
(Ishara The World Is Mine x Sunward Circea)
OFA CAER (eyes) - Clear, OFA thyroid - Normal

Introducing "Koal" a beautiful blue brindle domino male imported from Hungary. To date at the young age of 8 months he has a total of 12 points including 2 majors - 5 point major 2nd time shown going WD/BOW and a 4 point major again going WD/BOW under Scott Pfeil.

Koal video

Koal at the Dallas Speciality 5/2022

Koal is now CH Stars of Fenrir Jotunheim! He finished 3/20/22 at 11 months old under judge Gary Newton going WD/BOW for a 4 point major! He also went NOHS group 3 the same day. Koal finished his championship with 3 majors!

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